About Daikaijuzine

Take the word Kaiju, which means "strange creature", add the prefix Dai, which means "large", and you get Daikaiju, which means "Large strange creature". Like Godzilla. Or King Ghidorah. Or Gamera. These are the strange, large creatures that we at Daikaijuzine get our inspiration from. We like stories that are strange, that have wacky, huge ideas, and are diverse in content and authorship. It's a labor of love, and we hope you love it too.



Richard S. Crawford


Managing Editor

Jennifer Crawford


Associate Editors

Laura Birch

Elisabeth Kauffman

Laura Perez


 Slush Reader

Janet S.



Slush Reader Emeritus

Beth Johnson


Editors Emeritus

Keith Phemister

Bonnie Schutzmann