Things Only Cats Can See

If you don’t want to know
That you're sharing your house
With a ghost
Don’t get a cat

Then again
Your cat may be
Screwing with you
For his own amusement

Or maybe ghost and cat are united
In a spectral/feline alliance
Designed to drive you
Slowly mad

The cat waits until you’re content
Then jerks his gaze to the wall
Staring wide-eyed at nothing
Or at something, which is it?

“Do it again,” the ghost says
Spirits have to make
Their own fun, after all
Poor dumb thing

The cat will find its weakness, too
“I saw her googling exorcism”
Causes ectoplasmic agita
As the cat takes a leisurely bath

Cats: the devil tried to recruit them
But was told to take a hike
They need no help making mischief
On either side of the spectral curtain